Origins Of Fire And Gas Mapping

Origins Of Fire And Gas Mapping

Micropack was involved in the development of what is now referred to as ‘Fire and Gas Mapping’, and are often referred to as the inventors of the field.

Micropack has developed its own suite of mapping tools, and through years of experience in the field has developed the methodologies which can be seen widely across the industry today, be it within operator technical practices/ philosophies, to independent guidance documents. In fact Micropack has been applying the principals behind the guidance found in ‘ISA TR84.00.07: Guidance in the Evaluation of Fire and Gas System Effectiveness’ since the early 1990s, some 15 years before its inception. This is one of many examples which highlight Micropack as the industry leader and expert in F&G detection consultancy, with a knowledge of more than just the theory of detector placement, but an in depth knowledge of the technologies available as well as the fire science/ theory and gas dispersion/ explosion analysis required to adequately design an optimised and efficient F&G detection system which will provide a safe system with reduced down time as a result of spurious shutdown.

Micropack are at the frontier of cutting edge detection technologies and with our dedicated Fire and Gas test ground, we can study the practicalities of these technologies before making recommendations to ensure our consultancy reports provide cutting edge recommendations to suit the specific requirements of any given site or operator. 

The Micropack consultancy team boasts a wealth of experience and knowledge. Headed up by the Chair of the ISA committee on Fire and Gas, James McNay, Micropack’s consultancy team has combined experience in excess of 200 years. The team consists of specialists in Fire and Gas detection technologies, fire protection engineers, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) experts, functional safety professionals, with all members of the consultancy being experts in Fire and Gas mapping, carrying out hundreds of studies annually, with a background in Fire Science.

As a result of the wealth of knowledge, our consultants can deliver studies which are not just about meeting the target percentage. We understand the principals behind design which allow optimisation of the F&G system, in a time where efficiency and optimisation are of paramount importance.

Our experts design the system using software, not the other way around.

To find out more about our software or the methodologies applied, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our consultancy team today.

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