Toxic Gas Detection Review

Toxic Gas Detection Review

For the common toxic gases typically found within standard processing units, Micropack can assess the toxic gas detection coverage using Micropack’s proprietary Toxic Gas Detection Assessment (TGDA) software assessment tool.

As one of the most contentious points in gas detection design, Micropack can design toxic gas detection systems in accordance with operator specific guidelines and also in line with current industry best practice, as agreed during project kick off. The target gas detector layout will be proposed for each area based on the area’s toxic risk within the stream and the expected conditions of release. Micropack can use this in tandem with an appropriate consequence model to assess the adequacy of design.

Any existing detectors which can be accounted for in design are input into the software package, TGDA for analysis and assessment. This package objectively assesses the coverage of the existing toxic gas detection system against the proposed Performance Target. Recommendations can then be made with regard to the adequacy of the system.
For the more exotic and rare toxic gases (BTEX, Benzene etc.), Micropack can carry out feasibility studies to determine the most appropriate method of personnel protection, where simply assigning a target for detection, and placing the appropriate detection technology may not be possible.


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