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We understand the importance of business continuity and how early, reliable flame detection can avoid or minimise the disruption caused by fire.

We also understand that no two environments are the same, which is why our detection solutions can be tailored to the needs and nature of your business and its surrounding environment. 

This way, you have smart flame detection systems with the ability to know when to alarm, and when not to.

The latest application note

FPSO: Achieve optimal performance with Visual Flame Detection



  • Icon_Industry_Oil&Gas_GreyCircle

    Oil & Gas

    Challenges such as reflected flare radiation and extreme weather are no match for our range of detectors.

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  • _Renewables 640


    High performance and reliability mean our technology is perfectly suited for use on wind farm transformer substations.

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  • Industry_Transport_Yellow_GreyCircle


    Hydrogen use in transport applications presents a unique set of challenges. Our FDS303H is designed to detect hydrogen fires safely and reliably.

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  • Icon_Industry_Pharmaceutical_GreyCircle


    Our flame detectors are designed and certified to detect many of the substances used in the chemical industry.

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  • Industries_Storage_Blue_GreyCircle


    Our detectors are perfectly suited for use in warehouse and storage applications. Compared with smoke detectors, they provide wide coverage and are unaffected by thermal stratification.

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  • Industry_png_PrintingIndustry_Yellow_GreyCircle

    Printing Industry

    Printing often involves flammable materials which can create significant fire and explosion risks. Our detectors are certified to detect a multitude of chemicals used in this industry.

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  • Icon_Industry_Power_GreyCircle

    Power Generation

    Gas turbines present unique fire detection challenges. Our iVFD technology is designed to overcome all of these issues and provide reliable detection.

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  • Icon_Industry_Waste_GreyCircle


    Our Visual Flame Detection technology is recommended for use in waste management facilities by government agencies.

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  • Icon_Industry_Aviation_GreyCircle


    Aircraft hangars must have rapid flame detection systems in place, but current fire safety systems cause frequent false alarms. Our iVFD is designed to eradicate false alarms whilst providing unrivalled performance.

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  • Industry_Food-Beverage_Blue_GreyCircle


    Our detection technologies are widely used in the food/beverage industry, providing reliable protection for critical processes.

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  • Icon_Industry_Marine_GreyCircle


    Ferry RoRo decks are a challenging place for flame detectors to operate properly. Our iVFD is designed to ignore vehicle exhaust emissions and black body radiation while providing reliable, wide coverage of the deck.

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  • _Semiconductor_blue_GreyCircle


    Silane is used in the production of solar PV panels and within the semiconductor industry. Our iVFD technology is certified by FM to reliably detect silane fires at long distances.

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