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Micropack Launch HazMap3D Fire and Gas Detection Mapping Software

Aberdeen, February 2016: MICROPACK, globally recognized experts in hazard detection technologies and innovators in the design and manufacture of optical flame detectors, are pleased to announce the launch of their industry standard 3D Fire and Gas Detection Mapping Software HazMap3D.

Over the past two years Micropack have invested heavily in the upgrade of the existing suite of mapping tools and as such are now available for license. HazMap3D, and the methodologies of which it has been built upon, has been proven in use in the process safety/ hazardous industries for over 20 years.

Fire and Gas Mapping as a study is now a pre-requisite on many projects worldwide and HazMap3D guarantees compliance with all credible fire and gas HazMap3Ddesign methodologies. As a tool, it will allow companies to add an invaluable additional revenue stream to their business by allowing them to offer Fire and Gas Mapping design services to prospective clients. In the current climate of low oil price and CAPEX, the capability to offer as many services in house and differentiate from competitors is critical.

Through our experience, we realise that users of the software are not going to be experts in the various design methodologies employed around the world by different Oil and Gas Operators. That is why we are offering with the sale of every license, 8 hours free telephone consultancy support to provide invaluable advice on the nuances of every design methodology worldwide.

Key features of the software include:

  • Fully 3D flame and gas detection assessments
  • Fully configurable and compliant with every Oil and Gas design methodology.
  • Free consultancy support
  • Globally recognised, world class training available
  • Coverage optimization resulting in a safe and compliant fire and gas detection design. 

Commenting on the appointment, James McNay BSc (Hons) MIFireE CFSP MIET, Lead Technical Safety Consultant for Micropack said: "The launch of HazMap3D reinforces our position in the Global Oil and Gas market as the leading provider of fire and gas detection consultancy services. Our dynamic group of consultants and engineers, twinned with the company’s core values have been critical in supporting the development of this software and our global expansion to date. We feel that in the current climate this tool will provide our clients with the opportunity to grow their own business, drawing upon our vast experience in F&G mapping while adding sustainability to our business. Like many consulting companies in the field of fire and gas, Micropack’s current revenues are tied to the number of hours the consultants can work. The launch of HazMap3D is critical in feeding our growth and partnered alongside our Visual Flame Detection systems and Consultancy/Engineering division will be crucial to us as our reputation and business continues to flourish."

For more information or a free 14 day trial, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

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