Consilium acquires the majority shareholding in Micropack

Consilium acquires the majority shareholding in Micropack (Engineering) Ltd, a leading global provider of visual flame detection systems and qualified fire and gas detection consultancy services and software to major operators within the oil and gas industry. Management of Micropack will remain as minority shareholders of the company.

Consilium is a global safety company that develop and market alarm and detection of fire and gas, as well as active firefighting systems, to high value objects and hazardous areas.  Consilium has a global organization with 55 offices in 25 countries.

Micropack (Engineering) Ltd, with its American subsidiary Micropack Detection (Americas) Inc., develop and sell flame detectors and qualified fire and gas detection safety services to the global oil & gas industry.

“Micropack fits perfectly within the Consilium group with its high fire and gas safety knowledge, delivering a balance of innovative products and qualified services. Micropack’s FDS series of visual flame detectors, fire and gas detection engineering and consultancy services and software complement our growing safety business where our primary goal is to be the customer’s first choice when safety matters and to offer superior customer value”, said Ove Hansson, CEO of Consilium AB.

Commenting on the acquisition, Raymond Hynds, Micropack’s Managing Director said “The alliance with Consilium will enable Micropack to reinforce our position in the Global Oil and Gas market, as a leading supplier of fire and gas detection consultancy services, software and technically advanced visual flame detection systems. Micropack’s and Consilium’s core values are very much aligned in that both companies aim to deliver systems which protect lives, property and the environment. These values are crucial in feeding our growth and will remain critical to us, for our reputation and our continued business development.”

The Oil and Gas industry is a key focus market for Consilium. In many parts of the world, the offshore industry demands SIL 2-certified fire detection systems. Consilium’s CFD5000 fire detection system was recently awarded SIL 2 certification by TUV NORD, according to IEC61508.  "Micropack provides Consilium with direct access to the SIL 2 certified FDS301 Visual Flame Detector. This will further strengthen our offering, enabling us to deliver our clients the complete solution at the optimal safety level and cost. With the FDS301’s ability to output a live video signal, on-board alarm recording, and unrivalled false alarm immunity, it compliments perfectly our reliable CFD5000 system”, said Ove Hansson.


Ove Hansson                                                     Raymond Hynds

CEO, Consilium AB                                            Managing Director, Micropack


About Consilium

Consilium is one of the world’s leading suppliers of safety and navigation products and solutions. The product portfolio comprises fire alarm systems, gas and emission detection, complete fire safety systems and automation systems, as well as navigational equipment, among other things. Systems and products are mainly marketed towards shipyards and ship owners, together with the oil and gas industry and the energy sector. The guiding-star of Consilium’s total offerings is to contribute in the protection of lives, material assets and the environment. Consilium’s goal is to be the customer’s first choice when safety matters and to offer superior customer value. The ambition is to become a global leader within well defined market and product areas, by utilization of the Group’s combined competence, long experience and successful innovations – and thereby create long-lasting shareholder value. Consilium is publicly listed on NASDAQ Stockholm, has 800 employees and a turnover of more than SEK 1,500 million. Further information is available at

About Micropack

The Scottish company Micropack (Engineering) Ltd develops, markets and sells the world's leading FDS series of Visual Flame Detectors for hazardous process industries. Micropack provide innovative solutions in the field of fire and gas mapping and are termed as the inventors of this field of safety. The consultancy team within Micropack has grown and diversified over many years and are now regarded as global leaders in fire and gas detection design and fire safety consultancy. Micropack provides qualified consultancy studies and software to major oil and gas operators which ensure that compliance is met and detection systems are optimised. Micropack’s engineering division supplies engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance services to major operators across the globe. Micropack is a company that challenges the status quo of safety within the oil and gas industry. They do this through the use of innovative, but proven technology, qualified consultancy services, and efficiently executed engineering services. Micropack’s key aim is to provide their clients with detection systems which offer optimised coverage, exceptional safety and cost performance. Further information is available at

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