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Safety Through Technology


Micropack is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative flame detection technologies and fire and gas mapping services.

Our technology is trusted by many of the world’s largest companies to protect high-value assets in harsh environments.

Flame detectors

$3 Million saved per day

In lost production through the use of visual flame detection.


25 Years

Of expert Fire & Gas Detection


Reduction in CAPEX/OPEX

When carrying out our trusted F&G Mapping, giving you peace of mind

Our Products

The Micropack FDS range of Flame Detectors are the safest and most advanced flame detectors on the market today.

Micropack’s flame detectors are the safest, and most advanced detectors on the market. Their track record in the numerous facilities where they are installed has proven the technology to be robust, even in the harshest of environments.

New Flame Detector Technologies

  • 20181216_FDS303_MICROPACK_IMAGES_EDITED_107_CLEAR-min-1

    Introducing the Micropack FDS303H. Our latest multi-spectrum IR flame detector, designed to meet the strict safety requirements of the hydrogen industry. The FDS303H has been independently tested to detect H2 fires at 40m (132 ft) in 5 seconds.


    Revolution, built-in. The next generation of intelligent Visual Flame Detection is coming soon.

  • FDS303 UVIR-5

    The Micropack FDS303UVIR is an explosion proof ultraviolet (UV) and infra-red (IR) flame detector. Built upon Micropack's core flame detection hardware and firmware, the FDS303UVIR delivers optimal performance and high false alarm immunity.

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Our Markets

We understand the importance of business continuity and how early detection of a flame can avoid or minimise the disruption caused by fire.

We also understand that no two environments are the same, which is why our solutions can be tailored to the needs and nature of your business and its surrounding environment. This way, you have smart flame detection systems with the ability to know when to alarm, and when not to. Learn more by reading our application notes.

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  • Icons_Industry_Oil&Gas_GreyCircle

    Oil and Gas

    Our detectors are designed for the oil and gas industry, where fast optical flame detection is critical and false alarms are not an option.

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  • Icon_Industry_Pharmaceutical_GreyCircle


    Our flame detectors are designed and certified to detect many of the substances used in the chemical industry.

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  • Icons_Industry_Aviation_GreyCircle


    Our technology is trusted by many of the world's largest airlines to protect their high-value assets.

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  • Icon_Industry_Power_GreyCircle

    Power Generation

    Gas turbines present unique fire detection challenges. Our iVFD technology is designed to overcome all of these issues and provide reliable detection.

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  • Icons_Industry_Waste_GreyCircle


    Our Visual Flame Detection technology is recommended for use in waste management facilities by government agencies.

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  • Industry_Food-Beverage_Blue_GreyCircle


    Our detection technologies are widely used in the food/beverage industry, providing reliable protection for critical processes.

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Advantages of Visual Flame Detectors

No Fire, No Alarm

Uses onboard flame recognition analytics and machine vision to ensure that it is only fires that are detected and not common false alarm stimuli.

Answers To Unknown

iVFD proves invaluable during incident analysis and more crucially, you will never have an unknown alarm.

Suitable for All Weather Conditions

The technology was originally developed for the Oil and Gas industry which is renowned for being an extremely harsh environment for technology to operate.


We design, develop and manufacture the FDS product range of Flame Detectors and are market leaders in the provision of Fire and Gas Mapping Studies.

Our experience extends to equipping major oil and gas operators worldwide with Fire and Gas Engineers, who provide 24-hour support on these critical safety systems.

Flame Result 4

Fire & Gas Mapping

To protect your plant, personnel, and business reputation, it is important to plan for potentially hazardous situations. Micropack’s Fire and Gas Mapping service clearly defines risk and the precautions needed to detect fires and gas releases. This practice, through performance / risk-based design, improves safety and reduces operating costs by minimizing the number of devices while maintaining the required safety level.

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Our experience extends to supplying Fire & Gas Engineers to major oil and gas operators worldwide, including 24-hour critical support to these systems.

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Our training carries unique credibility in demonstrating competence, with practical demonstrations and advice given throughout.

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What people say about us

  • I have been working with Micropack for several years. Their product works flawlessly and has paid for itself over the years.
  • Micropack's Flame Detector works as promised and is easy to maintain. The staff at Micropack are true professionals, dedicated to the cause of fire safety, innovative technology, and strong customer service.

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