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Fire & Gas Mapping

Fire and Gas detection systems are of paramount importance to protect personnel, plant, product, and reputation. Micropack specialise in the design, provision, and implementation of high integrity fire and gas detection systems to significantly reduce the risk of incidents and spurious alarms.

A rich consulting history

Working closely with clients’ needs, the methods we use combined, with real-world field experience, allows our consultants to optimize the design and achieve the best possible balance between safety and economy.

There has long been a requirement in hazardous industries to provide safety measures for the protection of plants and personnel. One means of detecting containment loss relates to the use of fire and gas detection equipment. Often referred to as pioneers in the field of ‘Fire and Gas Mapping,’ Micropack has been at the forefront of the industry since the late 1990s.

This practice, through performance/ risk-based design, improves safety and reduces operating costs by ensuring that the number of devices used is minimized while the required level of safety is maintained. Micropack Engineers are respected globally as having trusted expert knowledge in F&G design.

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Our team of consultants can advise on matters such as:

  • Designing optimised fire and gas detector layouts
  • Performance target definition
  • Recommend appropriate alarm, control actions and voting
  • Conduct site surveys
  • Review third party designs
  • Training, 3rd party accredited course
  • Support for other design consultancies
  • Use of HazMap3D F&G mapping software
  • Testing of 3rd party detectors
  • Recommend detector selection (technology/type)


Fire and Gas Detection systems should play a crucial role in Loss Prevention on many sites.


Computer-aided design to increase safety and reduce cost. Fire and Gas Detection systems should play a crucial role in Loss Prevention on many sites.

Fire & Gas Services and Softwares

Micropack has developed a range of fire and gas mapping tools to measure the performance of fire and gas detection systems and we are considered a market leader in this field. Our consultants understand the principles behind design which allow optimisation of the F&G system, in a time where efficiency and optimisation are of paramount importance.

  • Icons_HazMap3D

    HazMap3D Fire & gas Mapping Software

    HazMap3D is our second-generation modelling tool, designed for fire and gas engineers, by fire and gas engineers.

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  • Icon_HazardDetectionReview

    BS60080:2020 Hazard Detection Review

    A BS60080:2020 Hazard Detection Review details the coverage, placement, and type of flame and gas detectors required to ensure a safe, optimised system.

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  • HazardDetectionReview

    ISA TR 84 Hazard Detection Review

    A BS60080:2020 Hazard Detection Review details coverage, placement, and type of flame and gas.

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  • Beacon&SounderCoverageReview

    Beacon & Sounder Coverage Review

    Micropack can design and optimise sounder and beacon design based on background noise levels and clear lines.

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  • CFD

    Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling - CFD

    Micropack fluid and fire dynamics engineers use a range of computer models to solve complex flow problems depending upon the goal of the specific project.

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With Micropack’s experience, we can carry out a range of gas engineering reviews and analysis to provide specific recommendations for improvement if required which give operators peace of mind in moving projects forward.

  • ToxicGasDetectionReview

    Toxic Gas Detection Review

    For the common toxic gases typically found within standard processing units, Micropack can assess the toxic gas detection coverage using Micropack’s proprietary Toxic Gas Detection Assessment (TGDA) software assessment tool.

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  • GasDispersionAnalysis&ConsequenceModelling

    Gas Dispersion Analysis & Consequence Modelling

    Our modelling reviews the dispersion of flammable gas with respect to possible explosive accumulations and aids insafety reviews as well as validating any Fire and Gas detection and protection measures proposed or already in place.

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  • AcousticGasDetectionReview

    Acoustic Gas Detection Review

    Where gas streams at high pressure require fast response gas detection, Micropack can carry out a detailed assesment.

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  • Icons_AspiratingSmokeDetectionDesign

    Aspiring Smoke Detection Design

    This will allow quick and easy procurement, installation, and commissioning with the provided Installation Data Pack and Bill of Materials, and full peace of mind that the burnt wire test for performance verification shall be met (VESDA).

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  • Icons_FireHazardAnalysis

    Fire Hazard Analysis

    A Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA) is a method of evaluating the fire hazards and hence consequences which could potentially.

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View our Fire & Gas Test Facility

MICROPACK'S dedicated fire test ground where we have carried out fire demonstrations and testing live over the world wide web.

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