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Innovative flame detection solutions built for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Fires within a chemical or pharmaceutical plant can be extemely dangerous and costly.


Intelligent visual flame detectors and multi-spectrum IR flame detectors can help chemical companies quickly identify and respond to a fire.

The importance of fire safety in the Chemical industry

Much of the world's modern industrial society depend on hazardous, flammable chemicals. Occasionally, major incidents occur during the processing and storing of these chemicals, which results in fire.

Fires can result in a devastating loss in life with a catastrophic impact on the environment and economy.

Chemical industry flame detectors must deliver a high degree of reliability. They shall cover large areas and respond effectively, and rapidly to a multitude of fire hazards.  

Many of the world's largest chemical and pharmaceutical companies trust Micropack flame detectors to protect their most valuable assets.



We understand that no two environments are the same, which is why our solutions can be tailored to the needs and nature of your business and its surrounding environment. This way, you have smart flame detection systems with the ability to know when to alarm, and when not to.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Our flame detectors are designed and certified to detect many of the flammable substances used in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Chemical Plant

    Our flame detectors have unrivalled false alarm immunity making them the perfect choice for chemical plants.

  • fds303

    Designed for hazardous industries where fast fire detection is critical and nuisance alarms are not an option! The MICROPACK FDS303 is an explosion-proof multi-spectrum IR flame detector...

    FDS303 Multi-Spectrum IR Flame Detector
  • fds300

    Designed for hazardous industries where fast optical flame detection is critical and nuisance alarms are not an option! The MICROPACK FDS300 is an explosion-proof visual flame detector...

    FDS300 Intelligent Flame Detector
  • Used to test the complete range of FDS30x flame detectors; intelligent visual flame detectors and multi-spectrum flame detectors; without the need for scaffolding. The FS301...

    FDS301 Intelligent Visual Flame Detector

If you'd like to discuss flame detection or fire and gas mapping for the Chemical industry, we encourage you to get in touch.