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Oil & Gas

Detection technology born out of the UK North Sea 

For over 25 years we have been supporting the Oil and Gas industry with technically advanced flame detection solutions. We understand the industry, and what it takes to reliably detect flames in these applications.

Experiencing inferior performance or unwanted process shutdowns from your flame detectors?


Flame detection within the oil and gas industry is challenging due to the congested nature of the process equipment and the number of false alarm sources that could affect flame detectors. You need a solution that ignores common sources of false alarms while delivering exceptional coverage and reliability. Ideally, the solution should improve safety, reduce operating costs, and only detect fire.

The importance of reliable flame detection in the Oil & Gas industry

Your challenge: removing false alarms, avoiding process shutdowns, and optimising costs.

The most common flame detection problems faced by operators within the oil and gas industry are:

  • False alarms and unwanted process shutdowns due to reflected flare radiation, hot CO2 exhaust emissions, sunlight, and radiant heat sources.
  • Flame detector blinding due to environmental and process conditions, such as sunlight and blackbody radiation.
  • Special fire hazards such as methanol.
  • High CAPEX/OPEX due to the quantity, or incorrect type of detectors.




We understand that no two environments are the same, which is why our solutions can be tailored to the needs and nature of your business and its surrounding environment. This way, you have smart flame detection systems with the ability to know when to alarm, and when not to.

  • Refineries

    There are many fire hazards within refineries meaning that the use of the correct detection technology is critical. Our iVFD and IR3 technologies are certified by FM to detect all fire types within this application

  • Production Platforms

    The remote and hazardous nature of offshore production platforms demands fit for purpose safety tech. Micropack flame detection delivers unrivalled performance and false alarm immunity.

  • Hydrogen

    Hydrogen flames are almost invisible to the naked eye, meaning a trustworthy detector is imperative. Our FDS303H is designed to deliver superior performance in the detection of hydrogen (H2) fires.

  • FPSO

    Our Visual Flame Detection technology has been specifically developed to prevent false alarms caused by reflected flare radiation.

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  • Tank Farms

    The industry has been alerted to the severity of fire risks, due largely to some notable tank field disasters which have occurred over the past two decades.

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  • Road & Rail Loading Racks

    Our detectors will not false alarm to hot CO2 emissions, challenging weather or hot process equipment. No fire, no alarm.

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    After extensive LNG fire testing, iChemE recommends the use of Visual Flame Detection for large-scale LNG fires.

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  • Offshore Helideck

    The application of flame detection on a helideck is a particularly challenging environment for flame detection to operate correctly and safely.

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  • Pipeline

    The unrivalled reliability and live video function of the FDS301 make it the perfect detector to monitor remote pipeline pumping stations.

  • Drilling

    False alarms aboard drilling platforms can be deadly. Our technology is designed to ignore everything but fire.

  • Designed for hazardous industries where fast optical flame detection is critical and nuisance alarms are not an option! The Micropack FDS301 is an explosion-proof visual flame detector...

    FDS301 Intelligent Visual Flame Detector
  • fds300

    Designed for hazardous industries where fast optical flame detection is critical and nuisance alarms are not an option! The Micropack FDS300 is an explosion-proof visual flame detector...

    FDS300 Intelligent Visual Flame Detector
  • fds303

    Designed for hazardous industries where fast fire detection is critical and nuisance alarms are not an option! The Micropack FDS303 is an explosion-proof multi-spectrum IR flame detector...

    FDS303 Multi-Spectrum IR Flame Detector

If you need flame detection or fire and gas mapping for the Oil & Gas industry, we encourage you to get in touch to discuss your project.