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For over 30 years, Micropack has been actively working within hazardous process industries and are today recognised as specialists in flame and gas detection.

Our Story


In the early 80's Micropack was involved in offshore process control and safety systems. This encompassed development, commissioning and support services to major clients and installations such as the Chevron Ninian field.


Micropack is also experienced in fire research work and the effects of offshore environmental conditions on optical detection methods.This work is what led to Micropack's development of a range of fire and gas mapping tools to measure the performance of fire and gas detection systems and we are considered a market leader in this field.


This experience led Micropack to apply its unique specialist knowledge and expertise in its own range of products, including the Visual Flame Detection System. Micropack's Visual Flame Detection System has been installed and successfully operated globally for over 15 years.

Our vision and values

Micropack (Engineering) Ltd is one of the most innovative and reliable hazard detection solution companies in the world. Focusing on providing leading-edge, advanced flame detection systems, even in the harshest environments.

Micropack (Engineering) Ltd strives to deliver the highest value to its customers. The company is committed to developing, maintaining and continually improving effective and efficient processes and systems, designed to meet and exceed the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Our activities are planned and performed to meet the needs and expectations of our customers by consistently providing a professional and competitive level of Project Management and Product & Service quality that meets contractual, and legislative requirements, that rank best in the industry.

Quality objectives

Micropack (Engineering) Ltd ensures this policy is effective by: Ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

  • Ensuring that necessary competent personnel, infrastructure and processes are in place to serve the needs of the business.
  • Providing the necessary information, training and supervision to ensure a well-trained competent workforce, using best industry practices.
  • Implementing systems for measurement, analysis and improvement of product, services and the QMS.
  • Setting and reviewing effective measurable objectives and targets as they are required for continual improvement.
  • The regular audit and review of MICROPACK (Engineering) Ltd management system performance in order to ensure its continued suitability and,
  • Encouraging feedback from both customers and employees.

Our People

Micropack has developed and implemented documented procedures to ensure that all personnel involved in duties affecting product or service quality are suitably and competently qualified in terms of education, training and experience as appropriate for their positions.

In addition to the identification of contractually required training needs, Micropack maintains a system of appraisals designed to identify general training needs.

We also organise internal ‘in-house’ and external training as identified by the appraisal system and to satisfy additional client requirements. Quality awareness for all staff is communicated in the form of the Quality Objectives, Policies and ongoing training regarding the Quality Assurance Procedures.

Records of qualifications and training are maintained and updated by Administration in the form of individual personnel files.

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    Graham Duncan

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Our Markets

We also understand that no two environments are the same, which is why our solutions can be tailored to the needs and nature of your business and its surrounding environment. This way, you have smart flame detection systems with the ability to know when to alarm, and when not to. Learn more by reading our application notes!

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    Oil & Gas

    Unpredictable weather conditions and exposed platforms are no match for our range of detectors.

    Read application note
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    Our flame detectors are designed and certified to detect many of the substances used in the chemical industry.

    Read application note
  • Icons_Industry_Aviation_GreyCircle


    Our technology is trusted by many of the world's largest airlines to protect their high-value assets.

    Read application note
  • Icon_Industry_Power_GreyCircle

    Power Generation

    Gas turbines present unique fire detection challenges. Our iVFD technology is designed to overcome all of these issues and provide reliable detection.

    Read application note
  • Icons_Industry_Waste_GreyCircle


    We provide flame detection technology that is less affected by water obscurants on the lens than other IR based technololgies.

    Read application note
  • Industry_Food-Beverage_Blue_GreyCircle


    Our detection technologies are widely used in the food/beverage industry, providing reliable protection for critical processes.

    Read application note

Our timeline

In the late 80's, Micropack pioneered the field of optical fire and gas detection technologies and as a result, Micropack has been involved in the development of many of the leading detection technologies available on the market today.

  1. Asset 1

    Authored the world's first Fire and Gas Mapping Study.

  2. Asset 2

    Micropack (Engineering) Ltd was formed & FDA/GDA, the world's first 2D+ Fire and Gas Mapping tool developed for in-house use.

  3. Asset 3

    FDS101 iVFD was installed on a BP FPSO in the North Sea eradicating false alarms from legacy radiation-based flame detection.

  4. Asset 4

    FDS201 intelligent Visual Flame Detector with colour video launched to the market.

  5. Asset 6

    Market leading intelligent Visual Flame Detector, the FDS301 launched to the market.

  6. Asset 5

    FDS300 intelligent Visual Flame Detector launched.

  7. Asset 7

    20 year anniversary of Micropack.

  8. Asset 8

    Consilium AB acquires majority shareholding of Micropack.

  9. Asset 9

    HazMap3D Fire and Gas Mapping Software launched to the market for the license.

  10. Asset 10

    FDS303 Multi-Spectrum IR Flame Detector launched to the market.

  11. Asset 11

    Micropack was instrumental in the development of BS60080:2020, a newly published British Standard on Hazard Detection Mapping.

  12. Asset 12

    25 year anniversary of Micropack

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    Supplied Number: 10049504




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    Detectors: FDS301, FDS300 and FDS303 Certification Number: 3029978

  • FS-1

    IEC61508 SIL 2

    Detectors: FDS301 and FDS303

  • EIC


    MICROPACK are a member of the EIC, who are the leading trade association for UK companies, supplying goods and services to the energy industries worldwide.

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    MICROPACK are a member of the British Standards Institute who raise standards in the UK and in over 100 countries worldwide.

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    Member Number: M01822