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For over 30 years, MICROPACK has been actively working with the oil & gas industry and are today recognised as specialists in Fire & Gas hazard detection technologies.

In the early nineteen eighties MICROPACK was involved in offshore process control and safety systems. This encompassed development, commissioning and support services to major clients and installations such as the Chevron Ninian field.  

In the late nineteen eighties, MICROPACK pioneered the field in optical fire and gas detection technologies and as a result MICROPACK has been involved in the development of many of the leading detection technologies available on the market today.

MICROPACK is also experienced in fire research work and the effects of offshore environmental conditions on optical detection methods.This work is what led to MICROPACK's development of a range of fire and gas mapping tools to measure the performance of fire and gas detection systems and we are considered a market leader in this field.  

This experience led MICROPACK to apply its unique specialist knowledge and expertise in its own range of products, including the Visual Flame Detection System. MICROPACK's Visual Flame Detection System has been installed and successfully operated globally for over 15 years.


"I have been working with Micropack for several years. Their product works flawlessly and has paid for itself over the years."

"MICROPACK's Flame Detector works as promised and is easy to maintain. The staff at Micropack are true professionals, dedicated to the cause of fire safety, innovative technology, and strong customer service. "

"We installed the MICROPACK Flame Detector over 10 years ago onboard our FPSO. To date, it has proven itself by eliminating our false alarm problem"

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