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HAZMAP 3D Fire & Gas Mapping Software

Industry Standard 3D Fire and Gas Mapping Software from the pioneers in Fire and Gas Detection Design.

Micropacks’ name is synonymous with Fire and Gas Mapping with our first mapping study being conducted more than 30 years ago. HazMap3D is our second generation modelling tool, designed for fire and gas engineers, by fire and gas engineers.


Hazmap3D Services


Flame Mapping

Regardless of how complex or simplistic the client requirement for mapping is, HazMap3D is the tool to demonstrate compliance.


Gas Mapping

Gas detection can be a contentious issue, as there is more to just putting a detector at a nominal spacing, and hitting a target percentage point.


Toxic Gas Detection

HazMap3D can be utilised to show toxic and asphyxiant gas detection coverage for various requirements.

Features & Benefits

Icons_Reduce complexity through pre-built libraries_WhiteCircle

Reduce complexity through pre-built libraries

  • End User performance requirements are built-in
  • Detector characteristics for all major detector manufacturers are built-in

Reduce costs by cutting design time

  • Easy to import 3D CAD designs.
  • Swap between design review models with ease
  • Detector placement optimisation using volumetric / geographic modelling and coverage of scenarios
  • Nested fire grades can be added almost instantly without data manipulation
  • HazMap3D has smart features for detecting design errors such as open path gas detector beam block
  • In just two clicks HazMap3D inserts the same detector as the previous one used

Fast generation of coverage reports

  • Easy on the eye visuals detail compliance with project standards
  • Coverage contributions, per detector, are calculated to allow true design optimisation for CAPEX and OPEX savings
  • Free HazMap3D viewer can be used for client walk through reviews thereby reducing time to final report


HazMap3D is our second generation modelling tool, designed for fire and gas engineers, by fire and gas engineers. Micropack’s experience with real world detector placement issues is hard coded right into the software.

Get it right first time with hazmap3d - Operator Compliance

Full access to our industry leading F&G Consultancy team for queries big or small. Training available on request on both how to operate the software (although being built to be the most user friendly mapping tool available, this is typically minimal) and also tailored courses covering F&G Technology, F&G design, and the history of where some of the most common methodologies originated from.

Fully 3D Flame Detection Assessments

Viewer allows the user the freedom to demonstrate the results in many different ways - whether in a presentation of results in the boardroom or a lunch and learn environment, obviously at no additional cost. Utilising Micropack’s 20+ years consulting, HazMap3D's reporting provides exactly what the user needs in the most intuitive way.

Built to Design F&G

The only F&G Mapping tool with validation from many of the biggest process industry players, as well as Micropack's own validation procedures as per BSEN ISO9001:2008. Ease of model import with the fastest, most powerful, most intuitive navigation abilities and assessment from the software/ engineering team who invented F&G Mapping.

World Class Expertise - A Phone Call Away

Micropack's HazMap3D brings you something no one else can - Full access to our market-leading Fire and Gas consultancy team.

Coverage Optimisation

A truly optimised system needs more than a software locating detectors to simply hit a % coverage target. An understanding of the environment, application and impact of each detector placement is required to truly optimise a safe design. HazMap3D provides these tools.

Instant Credibility - Proven In Use

Using HazMap3D provides instant credibility as it is designed by the market leaders in Fire and Gas.

  • FD FOV cones
  • Platform Image 5
  • FD FOV cones 3
  • FD FOV cones 6
  • FD FOV cones 5
  • FD FOV cones 4
  • FDS301 6 det layout w f35 results 7
  • HazMap3D20Flame20and20Grade20Image202-1
  • FDS301 6 det layout w f35
  • Hangar FD 2

Video Demonstration

Micropack Support

Our services and support does not end with the delivery of a licence. You will also have the opportunity to receive training from the industry creators and leaders with a combined experience in Fire and Gas of over 200 years. Have more questions?

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