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Micropack Fire Hazard Analysis

Fire Hazard Analysis

Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA) is a method of evaluating the fire hazards and consequences which could potentially occur in a facility.

The term FHA within process industries is often referred to as FRA (Fire Risk Assessment) which also analyses the probability of events occurring, not just the consequences of the hazard. 

We can carry out both FHA and FRA and provide specific recommendations for improvement. 

After a review of the potential hazards, either on an existing site or at the FEED stage of a project, an analysis is conducted to ascertain the likelihood of fire events in terms of release frequencies, release rates, fire sizes and ignition event frequencies. 

The outcomes of this analysis are assessed for existing hydrocarbon/ high escalation events and then the impact is analysed with respect to tolerable risk levels/ recommendations to ensure risk is acceptable.

Micropack utilises a wide range of tools during FHA/ FRA which includes dispersion/ consequence models, CFD models, detection mapping tools, and fire protection tools including Pipenet to analyse the adequacy of any existing detection and protection measures.

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