FS301 Flame Simulator

FS301 Flame Simulator

The FS301 is used to test the complete range of FDS30x flame detectors; intelligent visual flame detectors and multi spectrum flame detectors; without the need for scaffolding.

The FS301 Flame Simulator produces a unique flame pattern recognised by the FDS30x product line. The detectors in turn initiate a full alarm function.

Rugged Design

The FS301 is ATEX certified for operation in Zones 1 and 2 hazardous areas.. The simulator is supplied with a rugged transit case for safe transportation to locations worldwide.

Long Range Testing

The unit is battery powered and can functionally test our detectors at distances of up to 8m. This greatly reduces maintenance costs by removing the need for scaffold or ladder access.

Ease of Maintenance

The simulator is a completely self-contained unit designed for hand held use by a single operator. A single charge of the batteries is sufficient to test in excess of one hundred detectors.

Meets Operator Specification

Some Operators and Certifying bodies state that a separate test source be used to ensure correct flame detector operation. The FS301 from ensures these requirements are met for the complete FDS30x product family.

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