FDS301 Intelligent Visual Flame Detector

FDS301 Intelligent Visual Flame Detector

Designed for hazardous industries where fast optical flame detection is critical and nuisance alarms are not an option!

The MICROPACK FDS301 is an explosion proof visual flame detector. It processes live video images to detect the characteristic properties of flames visually, by means of its FM and SIL 2 certified flame detection algorithms and on-board digital signal processing. It is the safest and most advanced flame detector on the market today, and its installation track record in the harshest of locations around the globe has proven the instrument to be extremely robust.

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Flame Detection and Live Video

The FDS301 has the capability to output a live video signal over standard twisted pair cable.  The live video provides instant visual verification of fire eliminating the need to send personnel in to potentially hazardous situations, and reducing the risk of injury. Although the FDS301 transmits live video images, it is not necessary to utilize them as the unit will still be a fully functioning flame detector.

Worldwide Approvals

With FM, FMC, IECEx, ATEX, CE and SIL2 approval, the FDS301 is accepted worldwide. This acceptance is enhanced with a range of metric and imperial threads, and both PAL and NTSC video modes.

On-board Flame Video Recording

Each FDS301 incorporates an on-board Micro-SD card capable of recording 17 seconds of the alarm video – 8.5 seconds pre-alarm and 8.5 seconds post-alarm. This video recording proves invaluable during incident analysis and more crucially, you will never have an unknown alarm. This feature has allowed operators who have experienced fires, to put preventative measures in place to ensure the same incident does not occur again.

Immunity and Discrimination

Because of its principle of operation, the FDS301 is immune to common sources of unwanted alarms such as hot work (e.g. grinding and welding), hot CO2 emissions (such as turbine exhausts) and reflected flare radiation.

Single Sensitivity

Unlike any other flame detector on the market, the sensitivity of the detector is pre-set and no configuration is required. The detector is sensitive to fires of n-heptane 0.1m2 at up to 44m within a 90° Horizontal field of view.The sensitivity of the detector is preset and no changes in sensitivity are required. 

Flexible Outputs

With built in relays, the FDS301 can be operated as a standalone alarm device with no need for further control equipment. Alternatively it can be integrated in to a control system using its 2 relay outputs, or a 0 to 20 mA signal with HART.

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