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FDS303 Multi-Spectrum IR Flame Detector

Designed for hazardous industries where fast fire detection is critical and nuisance alarms are not an option!

The Micropack FDS303 is an explosion-proof multi-spectrum IR flame detector. The device delivers superior performance, responding to hydrocarbon liquid fuel and gas fires at long distances.

The FDS303 has been tested by Factory Mutual to detect a hydrocarbon fuel pan fire at 60 m (~ 200 feet) in 5 seconds.

About the product

The FDS303 complements the FDS301 and FDS300 Visual Flame Detectors by delivering superior performance in the detection of hydrocarbon fires which are not detectable in the visible spectrum. The FDS303 utilises the latest IR flame detection algorithms to ensure maximum false alarm immunity.


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Each flame detector application presents its own set of unique challenges. Understanding these challenges and using the right detector is critical for success. These guides will help you to resolve common problems by using Micropack detectors. 

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Video Demonstration

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