Micropack FDS301 Certified EN54-10 Class 1 by VdSvds

Micropack are delighted to announce the popular FDS301 Visual Flame Detector has been certified to EN54-10 Class 1 by VdS meaning that the detector can be utilised in applications around the globe where European Standards are recognised. EN54-10 is a standard that is renowned around the globe as being representative of high quality flame detection devices.

Micropack chose VdS to carry out the certification as it is an independent institution which has been ensuring safety and trust in the fields of fire protection and security for many decades. VdS are known for developing advanced safety concepts for significant industrial and commercial enterprises, leading manufacturers and system businesses as well as specialist firms and independent specialists.  

The FDS301 is an explosion proof flame detector designed for hazardous industries where fast optical flame detection is critical and nuisance alarms are not an option.

The detector delivers superior performance by processing live video images to detect the characteristic properties of flames visually. It does so by means of its FM and SIL 2 certified flame detection algorithms and on-board digital signal processing. With the number of detectors now installed around the globe, it has proven itself as the safest and most advanced flame detector on the market today. 

To learn more about our technology and how we can deliver superior safety solutions for your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


FDS301 Visual Flame Detector - VdS Approval number is G216071 / system bound.

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