Micropack: HazMap3D 2.10 Release

Micropack are pleased to announce a significant update for HazMap3D, our fire and gas mapping software.

Version 2.10 includes features to process larger models with faster rendering speeds. The user experience is also enhanced with an extended detector library, real time assessment layer selection and visualisation as well as being able to use a wider range of 3D model types. Reports are further enhanced with improved visuals and data display.

The key features are:

  • Extended Detector Library
    • Ensures the design is as accurate as possible.
    • Also useful in generating the Bill of Materials.
  • Upgrade to 64 Bit, allows quicker processing of larger models
  • Revamp of the detector contributions and automated report layout
    • The clearest auto generated reports for both designers and reviewers to comprehend the detection layout and statistics
    • Improved formatting and speed of report generation
  • Imperial and metric units easily interchangeable
  • Expanded 3D model support (File types)
  • 3D model rendering updated to allow even bigger, more complex models to be assessed.
  • Assessment layer selection/ visualisation in real time using a scroll wheel
  • Floating License incorporation to allow easy application on client networks. Check in and check out of a network seat globally for use on multiple projects.

New to this release is a free viewer that can be downloaded free-of-charge without licence by anyone contacting Micropack's offices. The free viewer assists during the project design phase via:

    • Ease of use during project review meetings
    • Ability to print full reports to analyse detector contributions

During plant operation the free viewer can:

    • Quickly assist personnel prioritise maintenance and inspection routines by reviewing the coverage impact should a device fail.
    • be used to assist installation and commissioning using the native project file
    • be used as part of a change management program for all F&G related coverage issues

Micropack's Eliot Sizeland said: "HazMap3D is one of the hazardous industry's most prevalent F&G mapping tools that gives designers the freedom to design risk-based, optimised F&G systems. It reduces costs by cutting design time, reduces complexity via in-built libraries and provides fast generation of detailed reports. Now it's packed with updated features to add to the user experience."

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