MICROPACK Launches New Flame Detector

MICROPACK, globally recognised experts in hazard detection technologies and innovators in the design and manufacture of optical flame detectors, are pleased to announce the launch of their latest Visual Flame Detector in the FDS range; The MICROPACK FDS300. The new flame detector provides all the benefits of MICROPACK’s ‘True Flame’ Detection technology, with an unrivalled field of view and an even greater flame sensitivity.

The new levels of sensitivity are achieved without affecting the detector’s superior false alarm immunity and its ability to detect fires in the presence of sunlight, rain, fog and hot objects.

MICROPACK’s FDS300 is designed to detect a 0.1m2 hydrocarbon pool fire at up to 60m, within a 110° cone of vision, in both indoor and outdoor applications. According to Adrian Lloyd, Director of the USA Operations, “The FDS300 boasts a much longer detection range than conventional flame detectors, thus providing our customers substantial savings in installation costs.” The sensitivity of MICROPACK Flame detectors are not affected by water on the optics, and are not blinded by contamination typically found in offshore environments.

MICROPACK detectors are designed to easily interface with all of the major Integrated Control and Safety Systems (ICSS) along with any conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel.

The technology advancements of Visual Flame Detection over conventional radiant energy type flame detectors is fully proven, with thousands of devices installed in some of the harshest environments in the world, without nuisance alarms. What was once considered new technology is now at the forefront of advanced fire detection practice, with a service history that stretches back over fifteen years.

Proven reliable and robust, even in the harshest of environments, MICROPACK’s technologically advanced features continue to be unrivalled in the marketplace.


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